Top 10 Things Employers Look for in a Candidate

Top 10 Things Employers Look for in a Candidate

Are you currently searching for a new role? Perhaps you’re planning for an upcoming interview? We’ve put together a list of the most important things employers look in interviews with candidates. Make sure you cover at least a few of the following attributes when you’re gearing up for your next opportunity…

Strong Verbal and Written Communication

Communication is key in any job role. Whether it’s listening, speaking or writing, it’s something employers will always pick up on.

Good Planning and Organising Skills

Organisation skills may seem obvious, but being able to put an effective plan into place and manage your time efficiently goes a long way in the working world.




If you don’t believe in yourself, how should you expect an employer to believe in you? You need to have confidence in your ability and present your skills to employers in a way they can relate to.

Attention to Detail

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a big difference. Showing attention to detail will make you stand out from the crowd – remember that when you’re putting your CV together and preparing for your interview.



Willingness to Learn

It’s all well and good having a wide skillset, but there’s always room for improvement. You need to be confident in your skills, all the while showing eagerness to expand your knowledge and consequently be better at your job.


If you have some creativity and ability to use your initiative to bring new ideas to the table, you’ll be a valued member of any team. Sometimes you need to think outside of the box to come to the best solution.



Customer Service Skills

In the majority of job roles, you’ll need customer service skills. As a member of staff, you are representing the company you work for, whether you’re speaking to a client or a member of the public, so you need to always uphold a professional and pleasant manner.

Passion and Commitment

Showing that you’re passionate about the role you’re applying for will get you far in an interview. Make sure you’ve researched the company beforehand and are able to explain why you want the particular role.



Good Team Work/Interpersonal Skills

Interacting with the people you work with, understanding their individual personalities and reacting in a way that will help the team function more smoothly is a highly sought-after skill in the working world.

Computer/Technical Knowledge

It’s no secret that in this day and age the future is digital. Whether it’s your diary or your communication, you will have an advantage if you’re able to easily pick up on new technology or computer software.



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