How to Resign

How to Resign

After accepting a new job it is time to resign from your current position but before you advise your manager, ensure you are aware of all the aspects of the resignation process, from the initial conversation and written resignation, through to your notice period and your last day.

Verbally advise your manager in a polite and professional manner then ensure that you put your resignation in writing.

Your written resignation letter should include your position and the date you intend to leave your employment. It may be nice to include your gratitude to your employer for your employment and any opportunities that you have been afforded.

Whatever the length of your notice period, you’re legally obliged to work it, unless your employer’s willing to waive it. You will find details of your notice period in your employment contract. Notice periods are usually between two weeks and a month.

Some candidates may be asked by their employer to take ‘gardening leave’. This is where an employee has to remain away from their workplace during their notice period, preventing them from gathering potentially sensitive commercial information, especially if they’re leaving to join a competitor.

Employees on gardening leave continue to receive their normal pay and are covered by other normal contractual obligations until their leave ends.