What to include and avoid when writing a CV Profile

What to include and avoid when writing a CV Profile

One of the first things candidates tend to do when writing their CV is put together a Profile section giving a summary of themselves as a person. However, few people actually get this concept right. Profiles are often littered with certain buzzwords – ‘teamwork’, ‘reliable’, ‘strong work ethic’, ‘enthusiastic’ etc. – when in reality, interviewers ignore these words until they’re proven by evidence of your experience.

If you wish to include a Profile in your CV, it should predominantly be factual, outlining where you want to be rather than simply stating that you can work to a certain standard. It should be particular and unique, not bland and predictable.



Points to Include

In your CV Profile, you should include the following:

  • Important achievements you wish to bring to the attention of the interviewer at the start of the interview
  • Facts, figures and stats that prove your ability
  • Your career goals and aspirations
  • Only truthful information that you can back up if questioned about

Points to Avoid

In your CV Profile, you should avoid the following:

  • Generic CV clichés and buzzwords
  • Personal qualities that do not relate to your achievements
  • Any spelling or grammatical mistakes

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